Bumrise Info

highscoreLooking for an opponent with a lot of money?
Want to see how they deal players registered at the same time as you?
Or maybe you want to find all members of a particular gang.
It's simple - use a script to filter the highscore list.

Filtering Options:
Bum points min-max
Bum Neighbors status (admin,co-admin,user)
Date of registration
Neighbors name
Order by: Cash,Position,Points
Automatic data updates once a day, there is a possibility of manual updates.
History data for the position and points are shown on easy to read charts.

(TIP 2) Donations
Donations are an important income source in the game. In order to receive a donation, you must send your donation link to a Friend or acquaintance
Where do I find my donation link?
My bum > overview. The link has the following form: http://change.bumrise.com/change_please/123456/ (example link)
What are higher donations dependent on?
The cleanliness, work place, compassion level of pet, pickpocketing skill,junk all have an influence on the amount of donations you receive.
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