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highscoreWant to know which pet is best.
Wondering what will be the next reached weapon?
How much you nedd to pay for a home in Brooklyn Heights ?

I prepared a list with values,level and costs for:
your beat places
check it here

(TIP 6) Moral
For the gang, Moral is very important. Only with a positive gang moral are you able to start rage kindling or economic wonder. The current Moral that exists in the gang can be found under the Gang overview page. A red bar means that the moral is too low, and green bar means that the moral is good. How does the gang increase Moral?
winning a gang fight
one of the members wins a fight
purchase gang upgrades
How does the gang lose Moral?
loosing a gang fight
one of the members looses a fight
starting an economic wonder or rage kindling costs Moral
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